West Malling Group Practice

Milverton, 116 High Street, West Malling, ME19 6NE
With surgeries at: West Malling, Leybourne & Kings Hill

Patient Quotes

Here are some quotes that we have received from patients, that we thought you might like to read

I feel the PPG is a great asset to the West Malling Practice. All the members of the group give up their spare time to participate in varied tasks to make improvements to the practice. I spent some time as a member of the PPG and found them to be very enthusiastic, helpful, unselfish and energetic in their contributions and suggestions to make the whole practice more patient friendly and informative. So much goes on behind the scenes which is not known about, e.g updating and improving the look of the waiting rooms, imparting new medical items of interest, providing newsletters and generally forwarding all manner of information to patients.  They attend CCG meetings and other activities to learn and subsequently forward new innovations and practices in all medical areas, and liaise closely with the Practice Manager to make improvements wherever necessary. Patients are kept in contact concerning various matters of interest to them through emails and posters etc. in the waiting rooms.  They welcome patient feedback through questionnaires, and organise Open Evenings with guest speakers giving talks on interesting medical topics. 

They are a great hardworking,  friendly group, and we owe our thanks to them for all the noticeable and valuable improvements they have implemented to our Group Practice.
Bernadette Burke
(Added 5th August 2015)

Since signing up to receive the bulletins from the PPG I found the details it supplied are very informative and interesting. The news supplied about what’s going on at the Practice and the work going on in the background is vital for all patients to know.
The details about appointments missed on a monthly basis are very important for patients to be aware of. The more people that read the bulletins about the Practice and how it operates help patients understand why appointments especially should be taken or cancelled in time for another person to attend the Practice, keep up the good work Mel.
Ron Nudd
(Added 05/08/2015)

The PPG provides invaluable updates about what is happening – not only in WMGP but generally in healthcare too. It gives lots of information on what is going on, which, if you don’t visit the surgery often, would be easy to miss. Thank you for providing this service.
(Added 15/08/2015)

The Practice have a great newsletter which is very informative and the PPG are very helpful and work hard for the patients and the practice
(Added 18/04/2016)

I signed up to use the Patient Services online system, but had experienced some issues with the registration process which meant I could not use the service. I contacted Patient Services to get the issue resolved but after 8 weeks I had not received a solution. So I went to the Practice website where there was a notice saying that others had experienced similar problems, so I decided to email my situation in a last ditch attempt to get it sorted out. Mel responded very promptly and showed a great deal of sympathy for my situation. She regularly checked up on me to see if I had heard anything from Patient Services as she was working away behind the scenes trying to resolve my issue. Although I heard nothing from Patient Services, I received many emails form Mel keeping me updated with her progress. Finally I received a brief email from Patient Services which gave me a code to enter into the website to complete the registration process. 
My first point is that it really shouldn’t be this difficult to setup an account and more-over it shouldn’t be this difficult to get a response from Patient Services support staff let alone a solution. 
However my second point is just how amazing Mel has been in finding me a resolution. Her commitment to resolving my frustration, regular communication, check-ups and sympathy made me feel very looked after and cared for. She’s a true asset to the practice.
(Added 06/06/2016)

The emails from the Patient Participation Group are quite invaluable and appreciated as my husband is a regular visitor to the Doctor’s Surgery and we both have repeat prescriptions monthly. Especially helpful to me recently was the information regarding booking online appointments and that the website for it was temporarily down. 
We are informed by the PPG as to exactly what is happening within the Practice. It is an excellent service that they provide and long may it continue
Added 13/12/2016)