Non NHS Fees




The majority of procedures, consultations and services carried out at the surgery are paid for by the National Health Service. However, where additional services are required, specific costs are charged to the patient. In some cases these may be met by Employers or other requesting bodies

The following list is not exhaustive but details the most frequently raised fees. Patients are expected to settle the fee on collection of the form or day of treatment.


Certificates & Forms

  • Private Sick Note: £35.00 
  • Private Prescription: From £18.00
  • Private Medical Insurance Claim Form: £35.00
  • Miscellaneous GP letters: From £35.00
  • Miscellaneous forms: verification/signature: From £25.00 


  • Fitness to travel certificate or GP letter: £20.00
  • Holiday cancellation form (simple): £35.00


  • PCV/LGV/HGV/ Racing Drivers Medical: £120.00

Access to Medical Records (Under Data Protection Act)

  • Computerised Records: No Charge
  • Manual record or combination of manual /computerised records: max No Charge                                                                                                                                   

Private Consultations

  • Private appointment patients not eligible for NHS treatment: £50.00
  • Private prescription From: £18.00

Dictated Report/Letters

  • Short (a few lines): £15.00
  • Medium (1/2 page): £25.00
  • One Page: £45.00
  • Multiple pages from / solicitor reports: £60.00
  • Form – signature only (minimum fee): £25.00

GP’s do not do certificates for Diving or Parachute Jumps

GP’s do not complete Mental Capacity Forms/COP3 Forms