West Malling Group Practice

Milverton, 116 High Street, West Malling, ME19 6NE
With surgeries at: West Malling, Leybourne & Kings Hill

Patient Comments

Added 19/1/2018
I hate seeing all the negativity about WMGP on social media. Whilst I agree that getting an on the day appointment can be a challenge that invoves military organisation, I have always found if you really NEED an appointment you will always get one. I have a toddler with epilepsy and 2 other children who have had a couple of serious illnesses over the years. If I haven’t been able to see a doctor, I have always been able to speak to one and if they have agreed it was necessary for any of us to be seen they have always found an appoinment for us. When my daughter developed a non-blanching rash very suddenly one morning I called, was told to come straight in and was seen immediately. We were then sent straight to hospital and by the time we arrived the doctor had called ahead and they had everything ready for her. She thankfully didn’t have meningitis (as was suspected) but WMGP prompt actions would certainly have given her the best chance had that been the case. I have also found local pharmacies to be a fantastic source of help and knowledge and think they are actually an under used service.
Added 18/1/2018
 Hi Vicki, Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on social media. I try very hard to use accurate information on my page and not scaremonger like so may other sites do. Please always feel free to contact me with information about the practice that you want to put out there and I’m always happy to accommodate that for you on my page or in the magazine. Personally I think the practice does a great job despite facing so many pressures and as I have commented on many sites before when I have needed an appointment for me or my children that is genuinely urgent I have always been accommodated. Thanks again WMGP!
Added 15/1/2018
I just thought I would email you and say how brilliant your staff have been when dealing with me.  At a time when there is so much bad press about the NHS and the stress that as a GP surgery you are under with “changes” imminent, I have have nothing but praise.
Yes my appointment had to be changed but everything was handled well, and the receptionist on duty in the morning  of 9th January (I think her name was Sandra) tried really hard to get my ECG and blood tests organised this week, with success.  Your nurse Faye Shepperd saw me at 7.30am this morning, which I think is amazing. I also saw Dr Sheer on Tuesday, who again was absolutely brilliant.

Added 12/1/2018

Good Evening,

Just to say thank you for the amazing service I received this week.

I queued up at 8am on Tuesday morning, at 8.15am I was given an appointment for 8.45am so I agreed to wait. No sooner as I had sat down I was called (at 8.30am). In 10 minutes I had been diagnosed and given a prescription for antibotics.

I’ve now taken my last tablet and feel so much better, thank you.

Thank you for an amazing service.

Added 21/12/2017

I would like to pass on my thanks & gratitude to your surgery following an appointment yesterday. I took my son into the surgery at 16.50 yesterday. I wasn’t expecting to see a GP but I was hoping I could get some advice until I could have an appointment. The receptionist was on her own & told us she was sorry but we would have to wait as she was making calls on behalf of the nurse. When she realised that it was taking longer than anticipated she got a colleague to deal with us. She told us that there had been a cancellation & we were able to see a doctor straight away (I’m sorry I didn’t catch her name) & given a prescription. I can’t praise them enough. They were courteous, friendly and extremely helpful.
I know they have to do a difficult job and, as all NHS services are, are pretty stretched & therefore more often than not in the firing line even when circumstances are beyond their control. I would be grateful if you could pass on my thanks.
Added 20/09/2017

How People can complain about the surgery amazes me. They are all fantastic. I see the problem being that getting an appointment is difficult sometimes, but that’s not the fault of the surgery. If there are no available appointments they cannot magic one. That is down to the fact that in my honest opinion too many people go to the doctor for unnecessary things such as a sore throat or slight temperature. I also believe strongly that people treat you how you treat them.
Added 24/01/2017

I find the new appointments systems much harder to get an appointment when required. Waited 2 weeks as couldn’t call at 10.30, however wanted to leave a positive comment fr your website. Had blood taken by Fay, something I dread, she was very good, relaxed and found the vein straight away and didn’t rush me. Excellent. Please pass it on or publish on your website.
Added 28/04/2016

I had my blood taken recently by a very friendly nurse. I was seen practically immediately after arriving to the practice and I was even more impressed with the nurse’s ability to take my blood on the very first try (it normally takes 3 tries for most people as I have bad veins). I’m so pleased with the whole appointment as the fast service meant I was able to get back home and find my 6 month old baby still asleep. Many Thanks
Added 24/04/2016

I have absolutely no complaints about the West Malling group Practice and it’s 3 surgeries I have always had excellent experiences at all 3 of its practices and felt compelled to write to support the doctors and team of people who work very hard there.
My previous doctor of 5 years retired last year and the surgery ensured a seamless handover to a new lead doctor. I have seen one doctor on a number of occasions (sadly they only work part time) and have always found them to be thorough and very helpful. In spite of a heavy workload for GPs, this doctor and other doctors I have seen do not give the impression that they are rushing you and they do listen carefully and compassionately. The surgery has recently introduced a new system of appointments being available on the day which I found worked really well last week. I arrived at the Kings Hill surgery around  8.30am, there was a short queue, I was told to come back at 10.30 that morning. I returned at that time and was seen very shortly after that by a doctor. All in all, a really efficient system and a good experience. I had not seen this doctor before and they were super.
I have regular prescriptions from the surgery that need tweaking from time to time and the surgery always handle these efficiently. They liaise with a nearby Chemist in Kings Hill and the process runs very smoothly. So, all in all, I would like to praise the entire team at the West Malling Practice and pass on my thanks to them all for the sterling job they are doing, in what I know are difficult times in the NHS. Well done and please keep up the good work! Thank you

Added 24/04/2016

Always find the surgery staff very helpful. For example I had an appointment for a blood test, but then had another small health issue, so just waited for a “walk in appointment” after being informed roughly how long I would wait enabling me to go off for a coffee and then return to see the Doctor.
Added 18/04/2016

Pro’s: I have never failed to be seen/spoken to an the same day when I have needed to. You may have to go to one of the three locations and the time might not be exactly when you choose but if you really need to see a doctor, ultimately I have always been able to and really value that. There are some excellent, even outstanding doctors there, despite being very busy they always make you feel that they have time for you. They have been very thorough with my family rather than dismissing illness even when ultimately they were minor things. Con’s: Don’t always feel test results are explained to you properly but to be honest they were largely good so I guess their time is better spent with those who are not so lucky. Getting the doctor you want can be difficult as the ‘popular’ ones tend to get booked up instantly. Reception can get very busy both in person and by phone, the receptionists are human and sometimes their stress comes across the wrong way. If you can go in the afternoon when they are quieter – always a smile then. All in all with nearly 20,000 patients I think they do very well indeed.
Added 26/01/2016

Appointment booking system is still very difficult and walk in clinic is very variable. For me the “Same day” appointments (if possible) is still desired as you can then book around work.
Added 21/01/2016

I am shocked to read such negative reviews as this is far from my experience over the last 6 years. I have received excellent care and support from all doctors and nurses I have seen in the surgery or spoken to on the telephone. I generally see the same doctor, who quite honestly, deserves ‘UK Doctor of the Year Award’! Goes above and beyond, efficient, reliable, courteous, empathetic, knowledgeable, the list goes on. All doctors and nurses turn their chair around to face you, listen and talk to you rather than at the screen, such an important part of your visit to build patient / doctor trust. Repeat prescriptions are dealt with fast and efficiently, especially now dealt with online. Getting through on the phone can at times be a challenge but I do always get through, eventually. Appreciate I may not be as patient if I were still working in an office! The online booking system is brilliant, although been down for quite some time now. It allows advance bookings to be done quickly and can search for a specific doctor or nurse. I have experienced some ‘fed up’ greetings by the receptionists but I am there to get information not to make friends! And quite honestly, they must be rushed off their feet with the vast volume of patients that must be ever growing due to the rate of houses being developed! Imagine the practice as a whole must be feeling the strain on top of the normal NHS restraints. Hearing horror stories from friends and family outside of the area, I feel totally blessed that I have such caring doctors and nurses to hand. Keep up the good work as I for one, truly appreciate you and am sure most do. Thank you
Added 13/12/2015