Patient Participation Group Meeting Minutes




8th March 2023, 7:30 pm. Spitfire Kings Hill


Charlotte Brooks, Debbie Dean, Bob MacDonald, Sharon Sim, Nima Stepney, Andy Swindlehurst, Jacqueline Terry


Margaret Coleman, Nellie Kumaralingam, Ellie Milsom, Kim Tanner

Minutes of the last meeting

These were agreed and will be published on PPG channels and on practice website.

ACTION: BM to send PDF to Debbie plus PPG to publish

Matters arising and discussion

PPG Committee.

Gerry Rumney and Fredrique Posnette resigned from the committee. Both were thanked for their contributions to the PPG and wished well for the future.

Practice update

Development of the Kings Hill Surgery Building and Facilities. As previously reported, the surgery is to be expanded. A patient panel is to be set up to consult and inform on this development. The PPG will have one  member on the panel. Discussions are ongoing. No end date can be set at present. Ongoing.


Two new receptionists have been recruited. One more will be recruited soon.

E Consult.

This is still not being used as it created a massive overload on clinical capacity to the extent that it was considered unsafe.

GP Numbers.

The practice target for GPs has been met.

Other Matters

Patient Survey Report.

This has been released and there have been a few comments. Better explanation of Dropbox link to be published along with link to practice website. BOB

Slide deck to be added to Reception screen. DEBBIE

Thanks again to the survey team, Nellie, Fred and Charlotte.

Alternative Care Pathways Videos.

4 videos are ready and final 2 are to be filmed next Thursday.

It was decided that there is no need for any preamble etc.

Publishing method to be discussed with Derek. BOB, DEBBIE.

Publicising methods to be arranged. BOB, NELLIE.

Health Awareness Events.

Dementia Event. TMBC Council Chamber 12th April 2023. Gerry and Sharon leading. 55 places taken.

Invites to Kim and Matt Boughton. Gerry to advise any other invites in council. GPs to be invited.

Bob and Sharon to meet Gerry at TMBC to see facilities. Friday 10th March. BOB, DEBBIE, GERRY, SHARON

Invitation to join PPG to be included in opening speech. BOB

Exit poll to be arranged. BOB

HCA Healthcare Webinar. Now being arranged for Tuesday 18th April, 7-8pm - 'Menopause and HRT: A patient update. To be publicised soon with links to Eventbrite. Eventbrite links to be finalised and the webinar publicised. SHARON BOB JACQUELINE

Aims and Objectives for 2023. It was agreed that the following should be actioned:

  • A communications plan – made, agreed and then implemented. BOB, JACQUELINE
  • The Newsletter regularised. Starting with next edition on April/May. CHARLOTTE, DEBBIE, BOB
  • PPG recruitment and ideas to attract wider demographics. Ideas. ALL
  • Treasurer. Sharon will take this on. SHARON
  • Secretary. Jacqueline will take on making the notes at meetings. JACQUELINE.



  • Broadwater Farm
  • GP Contracts
  • Spring Boosters
  • PCN Walking Therapies

Date of next meeting

The date was changed from Wednesday 19th April to Wednesday 26th April.