West Malling Group Practice

Milverton, 116 High Street, West Malling, ME19 6NE
With surgeries at: West Malling, Leybourne & Kings Hill

Your Primary Care Professionals

The Partners

Dr Andrew Swindlehurst – MBBS MRCGP Male (Monday, Tuesday + Friday)

Dr Jonathan D P West – MA, MB BS London 1995 DCH, MRCGP Male (Monday, Tuesday & Friday)

Dr David Carter – BM Southampton 2007 DCH DRCOG MRCGP Male (Monday + Thursday)

Dr Prateek Mehta – MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics), DRCOG, FSRH, MRCGP Male (Monday, Tuesday + Friday)

Dr Dalliya Abdulrazzaq –  MBChB MRCGP Female (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Salaried GP’s

Dr Nandana Shetty –  2014 MBBS MRCGP Female (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

Dr Nicola Swindlehurst –  MSc, MBBS, MRCGP Female – (Monday & Thursday)

Dr Usha Ramjeeawon – Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)

Student GP’s

Dr Beatrice Moore – Female Final Year Placement Student GP (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)


Mrs Carol Wayman – Pharmacist, QOF Lead (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)

Having qualified as a Pharmacist in 1991, Carol spent several years working as a community pharmacist. She obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Community Clinical Pharmacy in 1995.  For the last 13 years she has been working as a pharmacist in GP surgeries. Since moving to West Malling Group Practice in April 2013, she has various responsibilities including liaising with local pharmacies, medication advice to all practice staff, implementation of medicines optimisation scheme, updating of medication from  clinical correspondence, management of prescription requests and is practice lead for QOF.

Physician Associate

Mrs Amunjot Dhillon PA MVR – Currently on maternity leave. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some Tuesdays)
Adult Nursing BSc 2008 University of Greenwich & Physician Associate Studies Pgdip 2012 University of Wolverhampton
One solution to problems of medical staff shortages has been the development of mid-level professionals, such as nurse practitioners and physician associates.1 Although not doctors, these professionals have the education and training to diagnose, treat, and refer autonomously within practice boundaries, as specified by local legislation and/or their employing organisation.2 The physician associate role has a 50-year history in the US (known as Physician Assistant), with growing numbers working in primary care3 and further expansion of training programmes under way in response to the Affordable Care Act.4 Modelled on the success of the role in the US, physician associates have recently been introduced into other countries such as Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Germany, and India.5 In the UK, the first physician associates graduated in 2009 and the numbers of graduates are increasing.6 Unlike physician assistants in the US and the Netherlands, those in the UK do not have the legal authority to prescribe, however can recommend appropriate treatment with the supervision of a GP. They are able to make referrals to secondary care services where appropriate. Source; British Journal of General Practice
Amun can see a number of different conditions including; back pain, bites, boils and abscess, breast lump, chest infection, chest pain, cholesterol and diet, conjunctivitis, coughs, depression, diarrhoea and vomiting in adults, dizziness, eye infections, heartburn, head aches and migraines.

Advanced Nurse  & Nurse Practitioners

Appointments may be booked up to 6 weeks in advance

Sarah Witmond – Lead Nurse, Nurse Practitioner and Child Protection Lead. (Mondays + Thursdays)
Sarah has worked at the Practice for over 10 years. She is qualified in Adult and Paediatric nursing having initially specialised in Accident and Emergency medicine. Sarah started her nurse role in A&E then moved to a walk in clinic and then to Primary Care. She has an Hons Degree in Independent Practice and further qualifications as a nurse prescriber. She mainly sees patients who book on the day appointments with undiagnosed conditions.

Geraldine O’Leary – Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Tuesday, Thursday & Friday)
Geraldine started her nurse training back in 1986 and got her first job in elderly care at Queen Marys Hospital in Sidcup, where she stayed for 14 years eventually going into Acute Medicine. Upon leaving she went to Darent Valley Hospital in ITU and from there she decided to go into the community in Medway seeing patients discharged from hospital. Geraldine then became an Advanced Nurse Practitioner working for the out of hours team doing home visits to housebound patients with acute onset symptoms and it was then that she decided to move into the field of GP work once she had gained her MSc.

Sacha Clarke – Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Diabetic Lead (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)
Sacha previously worked as a District Nurse and is now extending her career by undertaking her Advanced Nurse Practitioner Training. Her current role includes working as part of the duty team, triaging and seeing patients on the day for emergencies but also visiting housebound patients who are unable to get to the surgery. Sacha also has a special interest in Diabetic Management.

Practice Nurses

Appointments may be booked up to 6 weeks in advance

Lisa Porter – Senior Practice Nurse (Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday)
Lisa qualified in adult nursing in 2001, she worked on a general surgical ward for two years before moving into sexual health where she went on to gain qualifications in family planning and sexual health. Lisa worked as a practice nurse before moving to Kent in 2004, when she joined the Practice. She has undertook various training but mainly specialises in family planning, wound care and travel health. Lisa has recently completed a Diploma in Diabetes so will now make up the Diabetes Team along with our experienced nurse and two GP’s.

Katie Mason – Practice Nurse (Monday, Wednesday & Friday)

Katie qualified in 2003 from Kings College University, she continued initially worked at Kings College in secondary care for 3 years. However, she has spent the past 12 years enjoying primary care, ​building up my experience as a practice nurse. Katie’s clinic’s involve wound care, immunisations, travel clinics, cervical screening, ear irrigation and a special interest in respiratory. 

Janice Burgess – Practice Nurse  (Wednesday & Thursday)
Janice has been a Practice Nurse at the surgery for over 14 years, she specialises in Asthma/COPD. Janice has morning sessions available for Immunisation, Pill/HRT checks, Cervical cytology, Hormone implants, Dopplar scans, Wound management, B12 injections, Depo injections, Ear syringing, BP monitoring and Phlebotomy. Afternoon sessions that Janice offers are dedicated to Respiratory clinics for Annual reviews, Spirometry & diagnostic tests and assessments for Pulmonary Rehab. Prior to Practice Nursing Janice worked on a 40 bed Surgical Unit – for planned and emergency care for 20 years and 8 years in Palliative care at The Heart of Kent Hospice.

Jenna McCartney – Practice Nurse (Monday, Tuesday & Thursday)
Jenna studied nursing at Kings College London and previously worked for BMI Healthcare for over 10 years in varying roles then joined the practice in 2005. Having been with us for two years she has qualified in the basic practice nurse roles currently and does not undertake any chronic disease care. She mainly does childhood immunisations and cervical screening.

Health Care Assistants (HCA’s)

Appointments may be booked up to 6 weeks in advance

Our HCA’s providing advice and assistance on a wide range of matters. These include but are not exclusively the following areas; Healthy living, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, accidents, minor ailments, contraception and travel.

Claire Howell – Health Care Assistant (HCA) (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
Claire has been working in health care for over 16 years and she has been at the practice since 2013. She is able to take blood from adults and children over the age of 5 years. Claire can also does ECG’s, ear syringing, B12 injections, flu injections, hypertension reviews and NHS health checks. She also helps keep stock of all of the equipment needed at the surgery. Claire says has met many lovely patients and work colleagues during her time with us so far and looks forward to meeting many more.

Faye Shepperd – Health Care Assistant (HCA) (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)
Faye has worked part time with the practice for quite a while and has recently (2017) joined full time. She undertakes all the HCA roles, including phlebotomy, audio-grams and smoking cessation. Faye is responsible for ordering supplies for the nurse team.

Luz Mary Watts – Health Care Assistant (HCA) (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)
Luz has worked full time for the practice for over 10 years. She undertakes all roles of a HCA in primary care and is responsible for managing the INR clinic. Luz Mary also carries out ECG’s, audio-grams and NHS Health Checks.

You can find out about our nurses by following this link that will take you direct to the Nurse page
We have put together this Practice Nurse Leaflet to help guide you

Community Services

District Nurses

We have a team of District Nurses attached to our Practice. Patients who need nursing at home may arrange with the surgery for community nursing sister to come out for a visit. Their primary role is to provide continuation of care in the community at the request of the hospital or the doctor. They offer full nursing care such as dressings, injections and care during terminal illness. They also provide links to other agencies such as social services. They can be contacted on 01732 221167

Health Visitors

The Practice also has a team of Health Visitors. Part of their role is to offer advice and support to young mothers, but they can also offer advice and support on many health issues, for example stopping smoking, caring for a disabled relative and staying healthy as an older person. They can be contacted on 01732 470345


Sarah Botten,  Wednesday at Kings Hill

Karen Ringshall, Tuesday & Thursday at Kings Hill

The NHS Community Midwives hold antenatal clinics at the Kings Hill surgery and take over care of all pregnant patients. The midwifes arrange all the appropriate checks throughout the pregnancy and will liaise with the doctor and consultant where it is necessary. They also pay visits to the home and may be contacted at the surgery, or by telephoning Midwifery Liasion office, 01892 638 158. If you know you are pregnant you are advised to call us on the normal West Malling Group Practice number when you expect to be at 8 weeks and book in with one of visiting Midwives. There is no need to see the doctor, we can book you straight in with a Midwife. A Midwife will be present at the birth and for a short period after the birth, to ensure all is well with the mother and with the baby.

August 2018 update; “We have increasing demand for midwifery services and are trying to streamline services to give women better continuity of care and choice of days. We can then cover each others clinics as much as possible when we are on annual leave so to not bring in outside midwives which will give us more consistent care. If you have any concerns about the changes please call Midwifery Liasion office on 01892 638 158 Regards Karen Ringshall, Community Midwife, Malling Team, MTW NHS Trust.”

Health and Social Care Coordinator

Morgan Achara joins us at West Malling Site on a Thursday.

Morgan is here to support two main groups of patients.  They will play a key role in co-ordinating the care of our vulnerable, elderly and frail patients with multiple medical conditions and make sure that all of the right team members are involved in their care across the NHS to look after their physical health, emotional and care needs. They will be able to liase with the Primary Care Clinicians looking after patients and also with social services and other voluntary agencies to meet the needs of the patient as a whole.  The other group of patients is those who need signposting to other services run by the council or voluntary sector that may be helpful such as carer support services, help with benefits and housing, dementia support services, people needing information about local drug and alcohol support groups, stopping smoking services, help getting back in to work, advice about groups / befriending services for patients who may be feeling socially isolated etc.  Patients requiring any of these services can arrange for a telephone or face to face appointment with  Morgan through our Patient Services Team to discuss the services that may be right for you. Please try and call between 11am -6pm for more information on booking in with Morgan.

Multi Disciplinary Team Meeting (MDT)

These are now held monthly, it is a video conference where a Doctor or Nurses from the practice are able to suggest a patient they are concerned about that has multiple complex issues. The patient is not involved in the video conference its self. The aim in to generate a regular meeting that is easy for all teams to attend and so everyone can input on patients with multiple complex needs.

What do you need to do to be referred to an MDT?
We need your authorisation in order to refer you for these meeting.
Any of our clinical staff can discuss with you if you are eligible for referral
Sacha oversees the communication for the Practice with Natasha who co ordinates the meeting across West Kent on behalf of the West Kent CCG.

We are one of the first Practice to launch this service to patients. We believe in joined up care being of great benefit to our patients. We believe in the ability for multiple Care Teams coming together regularly to discuss patients. We have also requested the need to review quarterly the patients that have been referred so we can analyse and improve this new service.

The services who make up the core MDT group are:-
* Community Nurses
* Complex Care Nurse
* Health & Social Care Coordinator
* Social Services
* Community Adult Mental Health Nurse/Dementia Practitioner
* A Clinician from West Malling Group Practice

There may also be occasions where other professionals may be invited to attend a discussion, if it was relevant to the patients referral. We are also in the near future adding the Hospice Nurses and also a dementia practitioner.

What do you need to do to be referred to an MDT?
-We need your authorisation in order to refer you for these meeting.
-Any of our clinical staff can discuss with you if you are eligible for referral

-Patient Services staff can log your details and pass to our MDT Lead in order to review if you are eligable for MDT based on past medical history so that you don’t need to attend an apt unless we feel it is necessary before referral to MDT.

Management Team

Debbie Dean
Practice Manager – Diploma – Primary Care Health Care Management (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
Overseeing the day to day management of the Practice across all three sites, with effective and safe management of the Practice ensuring well being of patients and staff.

Lisa Palmer
Patient Services Manager (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday)
Lisa heads up our patient services across all three sites, including managing and training receptionists, direct contact for our PPG and she manages our bookings system.