Social Prescribing




Looking after your health and wellbeing can be hard sometimes. We can help.

Do you need some advice, encouragement or help to be more active, improve your lifestyle or resolve problems affecting your health?

The NHS now offers ‘social prescribing’ which means support around your non-medical needs. Involve is a local charity commissioned to provide this in your area.

We can help with:

  • Talking through worries, understanding your needs and setting a plan
  • Linking you to specialist services to help with weight loss or fitness, tailored to your needs
  • Support with feeling low, anxious or unmotivated
  • Advice and guidance to tackle problems like housing, debt, unemployment
  • Connecting you with others including local groups and social networks

If you feel isolated and not sure where to start with making changes in your life, we are there to listen and guide.

Please ask your clinician for a referral to Involve social prescribing or contact us directly.

This is a free service funded by the NHS.