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Welcome to our Surgery

Welcome to West Malling Group Practice, providing primary care for West Malling and surrounding areas. We hope you take your time to browse our website where you will find lots of useful information about the surgery and the services we offer.


We make every attempt to keep waiting times for patients to a minimum at the reception desk and on the telephone, but there are often particularly busy times e.g. 8:15am to 10am.

We request that for routine enquiries you call after 11am, when the telephones are usually less busy. Results of tests are only available after 11am.

The following rules have been established by the Partners of the Practice and are designed to assist both staff and patients, alike: 

  • We will ask questions relating to the symptoms in order to make available the most appropriate clinician and to provide sufficient consultation time.
  • We will offer the first available appointment with that clinician, bearing in mind that provision must always be made for emergency appointments.
  • We will ask questions, such as “date of birth”, to access computerised records.
  • We will ask for additional information to enable a doctor to assess the appropriateness of a home visit request.
  • We will continuously review our working patterns and methods and will welcome constructive criticism.

About West Kent Health

West Kent Health Ltd was formed in 2015 with the vision of strengthening local General Practice in our area. We are a company limited  by shares with our member practices being the shareholders. We are currently formed of all 56 practices in West Kent.

Our ethos is that of a ‘not for profit’ organisation. We value General Practice and feel that by strengthening our members we are also benefitting the patients in our local communities.

Our Board of Directors consist of  dedicated and enthusiastic local GPs and Practice Managers.



Patient Feedback

We encourage patients to give us feedback on their experiences at the practice.