Malling PCN Summer 2021 Newsletter




Covid Vaccination Programme Update

Malling PCN has had a very busy lead up to the Summer of 2021. Our vaccination site at Avicenna Medical Centre has joined the National Booking System ensuring that we can offer the widest possible availability for patients in our local area to be vaccinated. We also have offered walk in clinics to compliment our appointment range. Some days the centre has been open from 8.30am to 8pm to support the National Vaccination Programme’s push to vaccinate all adults either once or twice by 19th July 2021

Currently the evergrowing total of Vaccinations given at Avicenna is 55000 and growing , 18,400  vaccinations were given in June 2021

We continue to be supported by a fantastic dedicated team of vaccinators and volunteers.


Phase 3

Currently lots of work and research behind the scenes is ongoing for a plan to deliver Flu vaccinations and COVID boosters together to Cohorts 1-9. At this time, no official announcement or decision has been made, therefore we are unable to include any further information in this update.

Away from the ever present COVID dominance in our news, Malling PCN has continued to support Practices and their patients, here are some of our developments :


Malling PCN Pharmacy Team

Sharon Puni has expanded her role and is now our Pharmacy Team Lead. Stephanie Collings, a Pharmacy Technician has now joined Sharon’s Team. The Pharmacy Team is now made up of 5 team members ensuring that all Practice’s have strong support across the PCN.


First Contact Practitioners – Team Expanded

A first contact practitioner (FCP) is an experienced physiotherapist who has the advanced skills necessary to assess, diagnose and recommend appropriate treatment or referral for musculoskeletal problems on a patient's first contact when they visit their GP surgery. Healthshare UK provide a newly enhanced team of FCP’s for Malling PCN that enables patients from all 5 surgeries to have access to this service. Patients from all surgeries are able to book appointments directly to see an FCP by calling their surgery and speaking with the Patient Services or Reception Teams.


Community Pharmacy Consultation Service  - Early Adoption of Successful service

Malling PCN have become early adopters of this very successful advanced service that aims to reduce pressure on primary and urgent care systems. The service is being rolled out in Kent over the next year, however Malling PCN have an anticipated go live in a few weeks possibly late July 2021. The service offers patients with minor illnesses a direct triage appointment and consultation with a local pharmacist of their choice. At point of contact with their surgery, a patient will be referred electronically to a pharmacy of the their choice.  The pharmacist will make direct contact with the patient, it is anticipated that most consultations will take place the same day. This service in other parts of the country has saved up to 5% of GP appointments each day. This, in turn, enabled GP Practices to offer an increased availability for patients with acute and complex care conditions. Details of the triage and consultation will be uploaded directly to a patient’s medical record for any ongoing treatment. Practices and Pharmacys are working jointly to offer this service across Kent and there will be consistency regarding local arrangements and communication.  

Practice Patient Services and Reception Teams have already taken part in training ahead of the July 2021 go live date. Further training will be given to the teams by onsite Community Pharmacists when the service is live.     


Dementia Coordinators – Pilot Scheme in Malling PCN

A dementia programme has been looking to enhance the pre and post diagnostic support available for those affected by dementia.  A Dementia Coordinator can be provided by selected Voluntary Sector organisations and they will work from their bases to reach out to GP practices. Malling PCN has agreed to take part in this important pilot scheme ahead of the rollout of 42 Dementia Coordinators across Kent in April 2022

The Coordinator appointed to the network will provide support for GPs by carrying out the pre diagnostic discussion regarding the process of memory assessment and subsequent diagnosis.  Immediately after diagnosis the coordinator will provide the single point of contact, engaging with the family to develop a support plan and coordinating a range of support to meet the presenting needs.  This should reduce appointments within GP practices as the Coordinator will liaise with Older Adults MH teams, Social Care, Carers services and other external providers to ensure they are supported at home and crisis situations averted. 

It is expected that a Coordinator will be allocated to the network within the next few weeks.


Published: Jul 12, 2021