I just wanted to clarify the appointment process going forwards.

Throughout the pandemic we have looked to continue face to face appointments wherever possible and wherever needed. As restrictions have eased we have looked to reintroduce services as soon as operationally possible.

he current situation is that phlebotomy and nursing appointments are back to pre-pandemic levels and are occurring face to face. Contraception clinics (coils, implants, depo) have in the main continued throughout the pandemic, and are now running fully in the same format as previously. Minor surgery clinics have also now restarted.

For GP and Nurse Practitioner clinics, where you have been invited to book in for a long term condition review you will be able to prebook these in advance.

All other queries will continue to initially go through a telephone triage process. We have found that this works well for the majority of people, who may find it difficult to attend appointments, and using this through the last year has demonstrated that a good proportion of cases can be dealt with remotely. It also allows us to utilise technology such as using video calls or links to send in photos.

It also meshes well with the new econsult service that is available allowing us to manage this workflow.

Having said this however, if during the initial triage assessment you feel a preference for being seen face-face then please have this discussion with the clinician and you can mutually decide the best way of managing the problem. We do actually like seeing patients face-face, it’s why we became GPs!

We are happy using all the different avenues at our disposal and are happy to tailor this to your needs wherever possible.

Best Wishes

Andy Swindlehurst

On behalf of the Partners at WMGP

Published: May 27, 2021