Clinical System Upgrade February

In February, we changed our clinical system from Vision to EMIS web. This upgrade will bring additional benefits to both patients and the practice, including easy compatibility with the NHS app and faster updating with vaccine information.

As the old system (Vision) and the new system (EMIS) are completely separate it is not possible to transfer secure access codes from one to the other. It is a bit like changing banks, your sign in details with one won’t work with another one.



If you already use the NHS app then you will not need to re-register the App will detect that the target system has changed and as your verification details are held by the App it should  switch over.If you do not already use the App the easiest way to access online services is through the APP. It can be downloaded onto a smartphone or a tablet via the Apple or Google app stores, it is free.  You can also use the NHS App via your laptop or PC by following the instructions at the link below. It is worth pointing out that the NHS App can be temperamental when trying to register for the first time. It sometimes needs at least three tries and other times it goes straight through. This is not something the surgery can assist with as we have no control over the App as it is a national NHS tool. It does have a good contact system for asking for assistance or raising errors.

There is also a support site which can be found at:



We only have the capacity to generate a limited number of PIN documents, which contain the Linkage key, the ODS code and the account ID, for those who have no access to a smartphone or tablet and cannot utilise their laptop or PC as above. These are not generic and are specific to each patient and are generated individually upon request. If this is your situation  then you will need to email, with the words Online access or Online services in the subject, the practice for a new patient access PIN document to use on the website below. There are currently around 6000 patients with active online services so if you do apply via email there will be a delay whilst we process them all.


Patient Access

Patient Access

For the above please email the practice with the subject of the email either Patient Online Services or Online Access. In the email please include your DoB. Address and telephone numbers to ensure we are sending the details for the right person to the correct email address.  Once you receive your PIN document you can then access services by registering via the link above.

If you have any issues with registration or site navigation there is a support site at:

Patient Access Support

Once you have access either via the App or the patient services website you will be able to repeat prescriptions as previously. You will also be able to see your care summary records. For more detailed levels of access to records you will need to email the practice as above to request this. As with the registration links this part of the information does not transfer automatically from vision and not all patients with online access have or want this level of access to their records so we cannot switch it on globally.

For all queries regarding online access please use the email, as detailed above or the contact form in the Online forms index on our website, rather than ringing our main reception number as they will not be able to deal with this over the telephone.

Published: Mar 25, 2021

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